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minotaur preview by Mirandaleigh
28771 views, 131 favorites, 11 comments
Preview from The Minotaur's Curse. Ms. Link told a lie to a minotaur, and now he's cursed her to live out her days as his queen and wife! =) I tried something different with my sketch comics, trying to add more quality by added shading and highlights. Comments welcome. I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out.
breakfast small by Angrboda
29362 views, 198 favorites, 17 comments
Usually my cowgirls end up in epic failure, but this one is decent, finally. Anyway, she's brought to you by the most important meal of the day :P
Assorted charms by Dragon-Storm
26312 views, 66 favorites, 5 comments
My submission for transfurs Artist challenge number 5
milkmaid by Terrifel
40418 views, 413 favorites, 16 comments
Ahem. In case it's too subtle, this picture depicts a girl turning into a cow. I did this picture years ago and never posted it for some reason-- probably because there's already like a million cowgirl pictures (though I guess that didn't stop me from posting werewolf pictures-- oh well). Anyway, I just ran across it again tucked in a sketchbook and figured, "What the heck."
Cowgirl by Fenchurch
14988 views, 66 favorites, 1 comment
Time for a happy cow transformation! Sometimes people dig up little charms they find with metal detectors, and get unexpected (if not unwelcome) results! This is a months old pic I touched up and recoloured, thought it was good enough to post!
Zodiac Wood Ox by Kanada
30128 views, 56 favorites, 8 comments
My appoach to the zodiac theme, adding my element (wood) to my zodiac animal (ox).
Cow TF by LaraTheLabRat
7144 views, 11 favorites, 0 comments
More abstract furry to animal stuff with that one dude.
freddie by Arania
5 images, 56605 views, 187 favorites, 13 comments
This is Freddie, character by Sylan, an ugly, chauvenistic guard for the Island of Dr. Moreau RP. After some rather crass passes, and subsequent insults when turned down, at the top female doctor on the island, he wound up as one of the experiments. I'll be uploading a few completed IoDM sequences here in the next week or two which the owners' have seen the final versions of already.
Minotaur-Costume by TfProxy
37231 views, 151 favorites, 12 comments
Trying on costumes in the wrong store can be dangerous. This started as an experiment in fur-drawing inspired by Transryu's costume shop universe (on deviantArt)
gambler by UniformVixen
29402 views, 80 favorites, 10 comments
The Gambler loses his last bet.