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Better Living Through Forestry by Swatcher
9315 views, 18 favorites, 3 comments
A careless axe cut can mean the difference between a pleasant spring walk and an immediate change in careers.
Beaver-TF-fa by Swatcher
12466 views, 47 favorites, 7 comments
A gentleman finds himself turning into a cartoon beaver. These gigantic rodent teeth are tough to get used to!
chana by Emerwyn
2 images, 40709 views, 85 favorites, 10 comments
Now at 75% transformed!! However, I have still not added her 0 and 25. >D
dam scene by Soty
42899 views, 157 favorites, 4 comments
And who says shady waste disposal policies are ALWAYS a bad thing? n.n My half of a Secret Santa trade at TF Central. This one goes out to Rusty. :)
the-great-Canadian-TF by Shiro
21865 views, 43 favorites, 6 comments
A young Canadian undergoes a random TF into a beaver in the woods... Happy Canada Day to all!
kappa by KelvinTheLion
3 images, 58444 views, 236 favorites, 16 comments
Here's my Christmas present to Transfur! I hope you all enjoy it. Page 1 Welcome to another comic featuring those same two kids from before. This time they meet a water demon known as a kappa.
beaver by Liger
13762 views, 12 favorites, 1 comment
Beaver Tails, mmm Good
beavercol by Liger
12316 views, 25 favorites, 0 comments
Beaver colored by Red Wolf
beavercolor by Liger
11133 views, 16 favorites, 0 comments
Another wonderful Color by Red Wolf Beaver
beaver by Liger
9483 views, 8 favorites, 0 comments
Yum Yum