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[c] Beautiful Changes - ANIMATED! by Recurrent
5711 views, 45 favorites, 0 comments
An animated TF Icon done for Wolfoup.
[c] Something's Squirrely - ANIMATED by Recurrent
4074 views, 28 favorites, 0 comments
An animated TF icon done for Conkerc12 This was done as a collab with NekoGato I did the lines, Background and shading, He did the color.
[c] Moonlit Madness - ANIMATED by Recurrent
5853 views, 40 favorites, 2 comments
A collab custom animation commission for StevieMaxwell. Collab with NekoGato I did the line art and the background NekoGato did the color
[p] Riley under the Moon - ANIMATED by Recurrent
5805 views, 43 favorites, 2 comments
At long last I have competed my very own animated TF icon :D *confetti* Enjoy the glory that is werewolf Riley. Nekogato helped out a bit with the base color on this one to make things go a little faster too. All sketch, lines, background and detail work is done by myself.
[GIF] Brand New Platypus by THE COAST IS NEAR
5581 views, 16 favorites, 0 comments
Yeah, I'm a fan of the anime about the city of shapeshifting animal-people, who would have thought? Here's a platypus self-TF animation inspired by BNA: Brand New Animal.
[Animation] Inner Beast by Taitora
8951 views, 28 favorites, 4 comments
Hand to Paw Animation by Dusker78
10981 views, 67 favorites, 10 comments
Long time no post! A brief hand to paw transformation animation from my comic, Professor Amazing and The Incredible Golden Fox. I'm ramping up production once again on the comic and related words, and I'm using this image to help re-promote my Patreon site. Enjoy! Link to the comic...
[Animation] Eevee TF by Taitora
12387 views, 61 favorites, 6 comments
Animation: Immersive Storytelling by WhenWolvesCryOut
9818 views, 144 favorites, 8 comments
My patrons got to choose which of my animatics I fleshed out into an animation. The animated version of my recent displacer beast tf was by far the favorite. This is my second attempt at animation, and my first at animating a transformation. All things considered, I think it came out pretty well. I do plan on returning to it to clean up the linework at some point as well. If you like my art, consider supporting me at
Gill's POV Hand to Paw TF by Gillpanda
17113 views, 94 favorites, 8 comments
I thought it would have been an awesome idea to do a POV of what i see every day when i come home IRL after an outing among the humans.