Squirrel Girl by tfancred

Squirrel Girl by

Date: 8/28/2021 Views: 4916 Favorites: 46 Comments: 8


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Why do I nearly don’t post? Every times, I get spam by stupide haters…. They insult me and even do requests…. « Suicides requests »…. Makes me kind if anxious to post! Anyway, I still post 3 times / week on my patreon and any support is welcome!

Here, you can see Sabrina who, after she caught SHAGA, turned into this lovely anthropomorphic squirrel!

"I know I'm not exactly the girl you fell in love with five years ago, but if you don't mind this fur coat an this tail of mine... I... I still love you, you know?"


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The tail made her nicer


Oh gosh. I'm sorry you get that sort of mean post. You draw great pictures and it's kind that you choose to share them with us.


It really seems like your style's improved. Those haters don't have a clue what they're talking about!


squirrel not my most favorite but i still think its a advancement XD


Nicely done.


She's adorable!


Does she have foot paws?


I think she has a mix inbetween both! ;-)