Bottom of the Pool by Stickmanwww

Bottom of the Pool by

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Commission for JazzOtter on FA.


It was a very quiet morning at the Rec centre, the pool hall was quiet and Jazz felt oddly comforted by the private nature of the silence. He had come in early assuming that there'd be a few speed swimming practice sessions going on, but it seemed he had overestimated? Perhaps he had misheard the time...

Shrugging it off, he decided to just take a quick dip. Coming back all set and changed from the changeroom, he admired his lucky shell necklace that dangled over his chest. He'd never swim without his good luck charm, that'd be unthinkable.

Dipping one of his toes in the pool, he shivered at the cold sensation. It wasn't too cold, but he might as well just dive in and get his whole body wet to get used to it.

Jazz took a small step back from the edge, and pulling his goggles down over his eyes he muttered to himself, "Let's do this."

With a large breath of air and a small dash off the side of the pool, he splashed down into the water. The cold spread over his entire body and everything tingled, he was completely submerged.

As he opened his eyes, he saw the surface ripples of the pool shine through the goggles, it was a strange feeling seeing an empty pool underwater. Normally there'd be legs and shadows everywhere, but instead he could only see the empty bottom of the pool.

His shell began to glow.

Within seconds of his dive, unbeknownst to him, his lucky charm began to awaken. And as he was looking around underwater, he was unaware the changes had already started at the very tips of his fingers and feet.

As he floated, he began to notice something was off when his right hand met a strange resistance to the water inbetween his fingertips. Taking a closer look, seeing a strange webbing that was spreading between his digits.

At this point his mind was slowly parsing the change that was taking place in front of him. He thought he had been daydreaming underwater. But as the seconds passed and the long new appendage pushing against his swimsuit broke free, his mind slowly clicked back to reality. He thought to himself,

"What on earth...?"

Jazz twisted underwater to see his lower body as he caught a glimpse of it swish by, he knew it was there because he could sense it, no... FEEL IT as it swished through the water. He glanced back to his hand and noticed that it was covered in a patch of what he vaguely made out as a grey texture? One it brushed against his chest he knew what it was...fur.

As he observed the fur swaying, he unknowingly scratched the side of his head with his other hand's clawed fingers. The claw cut right through the goggle strap as it drifted off his face exposing his eyes. He instinctively closed them as he felt the water hit, but upon opening them he realized he could see underwater just fine. He pondered on this for a moment, thinking it could be quite handy for diving practice.

His thought was interrupted by his stomach though, it vibrated and shook uncomfortably as it expanded, it wasn't alone. His whole body was gaining mass. It was too late for his favourite swim trunks, which were straining under the new girth as it tightened around his growing thighs. Jazz couldn't be bothered to care about any of that however, his immediate attention was focused on his nose. As he squinted at the black splotches that were forming at the tip, in a sudden quick rush he felt his face push out and quickly spread with fur. His nose had already become much larger and textured.

His eyes widened in shock and completely forgetting he was under water, started to open his mouth to gasp.

Air bubbles came pouring out of his nose and mouth, he panicked as he struggled to swim upward as the sensations spread all over his body like wildfire. His shorts long since torn and floated away as the fur had now spread to cover over half of his body.

He swam faster than he had ever before, inhumanly fast. His new lithe body seemed more adept to the water, but he could care less about that, he had to focus on not drowning.

The new otter breached the surface of the pool, climbing up against the side, he overlooked his changes his wet fur glistened and his long rudder like tail lazily wiggled of it's own accord behind him.

He wasn't sure just what to make of his situation. For a moment, he worried about all of the implications this new found change may have on his life... but then he stopped.

He realized just where he was, a large body of water. Somewhere deep down a new instinct started to tingle with glee. And just like that, he completely ignored all rational thought. And started to swim. He drifted out to the center of the pool, his tubby new belly poking up out of the surface as he paddled with his webbed paws.

He could do all sorts of tricks he never thought possible before, he could swim much faster than he could as a human.

Stepping out of the pool, he shook some water out of his fur as it puffed up.

As the quiet hall echo'd with the drips of water, he overlooked his new form in all it's glory. Thinking to himself,

"I could get used to this."


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dat belly x3


Fantasic work!


Very lovely.


Nicely done!