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Ambrose shapeshifting by Arania
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Mainly a sketch I was working on on and off yesterday and today - another tf image of my character, Ambrose - lying on a bed (yeah I focused on the figure, not the background ^^; ) staring down in fear at his changing body.
tigressc by Arania
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Definately the best (or at least the most complete) sketch from the tigress doodles I did :)
tigressb by Arania
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Another rough tigress sketch along the same lines
tigressa by Arania
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One of three (this being the roughest) Tigress concept sketches I did - the idea roughly being (that never came to fruit) was a play off the lady and the tiger - where both
olideequine by Arania
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This ties with my oldest images I've uploaded now - and probably the oldest that I have the guts to upload ;). This is from waaay back in 97 when I was really looking at how a perfectly mid-tf person to a horse would look.
ambsketch by Arania
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A very loose sketch - but one I liked the expression on - mental image was him sitting at a desk (a modern version of my characer) in school - and starting to transform - never finished it though >>
ambsketch by Arania
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I like this sketch - a fun doodled progression that I had fun with :3
ambsketch by Arania
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More sketches from my old sketchbook - more tormenting Ambrose ^_
tf idea websize by Arania
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