Dragon Anne TF by Robertge

Dragon Anne TF by

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Here we have our favorite canine Anne, actually clothed, and sampling a drink from a rather strange but interesting vender. She smiles as she takes the drink heartedly and gulps down the sweet drink fast.


After consuming the whole drink, Anne disposes of the can, but feels odd as she continues her day. Her breath can be seen even in the warm weather and her tail seems stiff. Even some parts of her fur seems to be more rough around the edges.


Anne now discovers why her drink was so odd. Her body started to go under changes and fast. Her tail started to gain red spikes and some parts of it were covered in scales. Her hands and feet gained more heavy scales and even in her hair she had gained horns. She now worries as her form looks less like a husky and more like a reptile.


Anne's changes have finally stopped. Shes now a furred dragon, her patterns resembling her old husky self. As she marches back to the soda stand to make a complaint, she grumbles and blows steam. If she wanted to be changed into something else today, she wouldve stayed home.


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Yaay!~ Such a cute Transfomation. Even when she's mad about the change, she's cute. ^.^


I like, I like.


she mad


I really like the design of the character. Nice job.


i agree shes a purty dragon (husky purtyier but still purty)


Wow, looking back at my favorites (all 11 pages of em`) I`m laughing at how my girlfriend looks like all of the girls that are in these (minus the animal parts). LOL. Very, very very nice tf by the way.


Her expression on the last panel is priceless. It's rare to see tf victims be just pissed off ;)


nice to see a tf without sexual overtones.


Meh she looks better as a dragon I say