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Date: 8/19/2006 Views: 63228 Favorites: 150 Comments: 8

Valerie was assigned to work with Bekka on developing a cure for the transformations, but when it became apparent she was sabotaging the work in order to gain power over Angel City, she nearly killed Bekka and Zoey. Kettakett tricked her into drinking a transformation serum, and as penance for her crimes she was muzzled and given to Zoey as a mount. She turns into a phorusrhacos btw.


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A terrific sequence. Big, birdy, and with the issues I had with the previous one taken care of. :) I don't know why, it's just that the all-white eyes seemed kind of creepy to me.


I know what you mean, it's just one of those things I have a tendency to forget on a regular basis.


What was she thinking she was drinking to begin with?


Long story... the creatures that transform most of the people in the story also brainwash them... she thought she was drinking her experimental potion that would allow her to do the same but Kettakett switched it.


Nightflame- google search phorusrhacos. Yay XD As for the sequence- I like it finished a lot better than the preview! I adore sequences that have a story to them! That poor woman! ToT Maybe it's for the best her hands were covered by the sleeves so we didn't see them wither away XD




Poor woman? yeah sure...awesome sequence!


Dino's.... not my favorite but good sequence anyways.. ^^