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Date: 6/10/2004 Views: 21034 Favorites: 49 Comments: 4


An incomplete character sketch done for a friend; she asked for (and I quote), "a non-skanky centaur."


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Exactly what is a 'skanky' centaur? Nice pic; your linework reminds me a bit of Heinrich Kley, a German illustrator who did tons of fantastic yet realistic looking morphic art (+ centaurs, satyrs etc.) in the 30's; Fantasia's gators & hippos were inspired by his work.


Interesting facial structure, but I think I heard somewhere that horses cant lay that way for too long or their chest will colapse. Maybe that was elephants...


Basically, "non-skanky" in the sense that the character is not running around in a scrap of fabric, and is wearing something with a little more thought put into it. I mean let's face it, a lot of TF pics are just glorified porn--and as good, liberal, NPR-listening, croissant-eating young feminists, my friend and I are fed up with women (including fictional women) being portrayed as sex objects. I accept and even embrace nudity--when it's artful, not when it's just gratuitous T&A popping out of c


I admire your "non-skanky" attitude Currerbell.