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It's important to have good customer service if you want them to return for future purchases.


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I'm reminded of the Never Ending Story where that kid turned into a dragon due to a ring.


Think you're thinking of Narnia. 'Voyage of the Dawn Threader,' I think the English name is?

Have to admit, I always found that anti-greed moral really, really weird, even as a kid. So it stuck with me.

Like... animals can talk in Narnia, both herbivores and carnivores. And they're on this huge, dangerous treasure hunt. Wouldn't a dragon, even a cranky one, be a HUGE asset in their, you know, pilfering of treasures?

Tis' weird if you think about it.


In the movie version, he stays as a dragon a lot longer


I lover you drawin Ring


That teeny human torso through the ring...


tengo ganas para traducirlos. :)


I don't see any means of posting a reply to Mattias, but it's the Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Eustace was quite helpful as a dragon. He would've been fine if he hadn't also been pitiful about how 'ugly' dragons are, constantly shuddering at his reflection in the water when the ocean was calm enough to see it.


Fair enough, haven't actually read that one. Just know it by reputation.

Started with The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe, and thought I'd double-back for years... right~ up to the point of being slapped in the face with Armageddon: Kids Edition!

As an irreligious kid/teen that was already rolling my eyes at the 'Daughters & Sons of Eve' crud having all the subtlety of a sledgehammer, that last book sure was... something. Not bad exactly, but... just way too much religion and hell-burning for me.

(And it's the reply button, top right of every comment. Think you need to be logged in, though.)


I am logged in. My settings were blocking a script that apparently did nothing but the reply button.

I read all of them in school and it grates on my nerves so much that after Lewis died his estate got to overrule his publishers on whether The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe should be first (because it makes the most logical sense) or The Magician's Nephew (because it was the first in chronological sense, also insanely badly written and of absolutely no value to anyone who hasn't read the other books and is jonesing for some background data, which is why the publishers put it after everything else, even the 'and then I killed everyone but you should be HAPPY because I put them in a heaven' book). I don't say they're great fiction, but if I can get in and tell the kid to start with Lion there's about a 70% chance they'll come back for Prince Caspian. If the parent refuses to listen and grabs the book labeled 1 they never look further.


Oh~, that explains it.

And yeah, totally agree. I've never heard anybody say that the 'first' two books are their favorites. It's typically either L, W & W, or a VERY small minority that says A Horse And His Boy. (And it's a dang shame none of the movie adaptions ever get that far in the series.)

I'll give the literal freakin' Armageddon ending this much, though: we haven't seen even a peep about some rights owner even considering a sequel series by ghost writer and/or big-name-of-the-hour. There's literally no more stories to tell in that universe, because the Lord & God AND author have both from on high declared: The End.

Kinda wish at least a few more series would have the balls for that sort of definitive ending, honestly, as this age of ever-milked franchises marches on.