transformation by Birvan

transformation by

Date: 7/30/2006 Views: 21844 Favorites: 100 Comments: 9


One of my first ideas for IoDM. Can't remember where I got it but I loved drawing it X3


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Wonderful art! I wholeheartedly approve. And the expressions are priceless, especially the second-to-last one. :)


Could you make it darker, from what i can make out it looks good!


beautiful sequence with a graceful flow!


Great sequence! If you loved drawing it, we´re loving even more looking at it! I repeat what everyone has said, and my personal stage is the 4th (from left to right). Thanks for sharing such great art!


i agree with Istanbul I LUVS THE ART and the expressions (hehe why is he so angry that would be awsome XP)


That would look great in the movie "The Witches"


I can't see it!! maybe if I cross my eyes.... is it a sail boat... a snowcone maker? come on I wanna see... : (


I LOVE this sequence! Yes, definitely great expressions, though I'd be thrilled at undergoing such a TF. The body shape in the final panel is perfect for a rat. I love how his face grows out in the last three steps, and also how his hips grow downwards. And of course that tail just plain rocks! The head, snout, ears, eyes, and everything in the last image is perfect. The epitome of RAT! :-)


1 id like that to hapen to me 2 plz do the final