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Adf Afterparty Color by Taus
32963 views, 308 favorites, 19 comments
Commission for ADF. ^^
Livestream Commission: Frilled Dragon Ascention by Lucern7
8481 views, 29 favorites, 0 comments
A commission from Ehh123 where a frilled lizard becomes a frilled dragon lizard!
Down the Toon Hole by Daniel-kay
2 images, 22898 views, 208 favorites, 19 comments
Well of course only toons can pass through a hole made with toon paint... sooo if you fall through one some adapting is necessary. After a not so soft landing he gets a good glimpse at his new body. Now if he wants to get back all he has to do is find a ladder, and hope nobody cleans up that spill in the mean time. Though there's no promise that will change him back
No Bones About It! by Spacecat
5 images, 29147 views, 251 favorites, 11 comments
A joint TF commission for artguy and DJZing at FA! Finding themselves trapped in a very deep and unfortunately, irradiated hole full of old dino bones, they need to figure out a way out! Radiation does a body good <3 DJ is turning into a raptor/lizard hybrid and Artguy is an ancient crocodile!
Reigne TF Random by Reigne
6740 views, 35 favorites, 2 comments
What the crap is going on? I don't know! Ahh! I'm not sure if this is considered suitable for all ages, but there's nothing to tick that's why I'd mark it mature when I submit this.
Devmon Lizard Tf by Reigne
2168 views, 31 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for Devmon52 on FA. I think I intended him to be an anole. One of my favorite animals~ n.n
LSC: Human -> Australian Ring-Tailed Gecko by Jakkal
9777 views, 57 favorites, 0 comments
Livestream Commission for Whyrl of his character "Rook" changing into a non-anthro Australian Ring-Tailed Gecko.
Maskaphobia (Red dragon costume TF) by Lucern7
14 images, 31709 views, 216 favorites, 9 comments
A commission from Shaderdragon on DA and my longest sequence I will probably ever do, it involves a character of my likeness becoming my dragon character via a magic costume. I went for a loose design because I don't see it implemented much. The images were completed over a series of several months so you may see an improvement in the shading as the drawings go on.
Emotions of Change by Lucern7
5 images, 21806 views, 90 favorites, 23 comments
Something possibly more conceptual and abstract than this site is useful but it does have transformation themes so I thought I'd give it a shot. The images are (From left to right): "Reflecting upon the Past (Wolf)" "Regretting the Inevitability (Lizard)" "Exciting Discovery (Falcon)" "Enjoying the Fury of Change (Tiger)" "Fearing the unknown (Cow)"
Livestream Commission: Human to Bearded Dragon by Jakkal
2 images, 19252 views, 179 favorites, 8 comments
Commission for Onom of a character in a labcoat, exposed to a mysterious gas, has caused her to start shifting into a bearded dragon. Edit: This week Onom got the 'final' pic in the sequence.