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Aries Bell by Angrboda
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a trade with Cobalt K
Donkey hands by Evion
12022 views, 67 favorites, 5 comments
Late-night sketch that went a bit far... A couple hours late for TF Tuesday, but I’m glad I got some art done! For some reason Jumanji was on my mind today, and imagining how an adventure with kme and my friends’ OCs would go. After too many life-and-death fights with wild predators and running from terrifying bug swarms, Gaius would probably lose his patience and try to force the end of the game. Pick up his playing piece, slam it on the center, “There! Done! Game over!” Unfortunately, al...
Cowgirl Bar TF By Cayuga by Cayuga
25109 views, 164 favorites, 11 comments
Ordered milk at the bar. Maybe that is how this started. She should have ordered beer, that is why they have the sign!
Cow Transformation by MjR
26222 views, 131 favorites, 2 comments
Originally meant to be the tail end of the Cow paw TF sequence recently, but became a whole lot more....... I felt the colouring and pen got a bit rough on this one.....
cursed bridle by Superboo
7846 views, 28 favorites, 2 comments
commission for @whiteflamek