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BirdTF by XXy
26362 views, 237 favorites, 19 comments
Crow TF theme- larger version. Thanks very much to @thistle for helping with the BG. The anklet is causing the damage. Damn dirty anklets!
Draft copy by XXy
47998 views, 672 favorites, 26 comments
Fennec fox transform- due to some sort of spell. Sorry for the lack of exploration- next time quite possibly will have two people at once...
character by XXy
22486 views, 285 favorites, 15 comments
for zee dragon transform templateee
wolfThing by XXy
17617 views, 142 favorites, 13 comments
quick werewolf
transform copy by XXy
17780 views, 129 favorites, 10 comments
vader choke!!
transform copy by XXy
40694 views, 519 favorites, 15 comments
a young girl caught in a harry situation