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EOOL Nicolas Reynard by Wrathofautumn
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Soon learning of the potion's effects, Maria was ready to accept her fate...when Nicolas did something unexpected. He drank of the same springwater, joining her in her plight. Agatha laughed haughtily, expecting this to happen. (Btw, yes, I did learn some french in college. X3)
EOOL Maria Reynard by Wrathofautumn
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This illustration takes place 20 years following the Hundred Years War. Maria Reynard was a mere serf of Orleans when she and her lord's second in line to the throne, Nicolas Reynard, met and fell in love with each other. Though neither family would agree to the marriage, they married against their will, and fled deep into the Black Forest. Soon, Maria gained a terminal illness where there was no cure...except for a strange springwater that granted eternal life...at a certain price.
EOOL Li Chang by Wrathofautumn
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Just so you know, EOOL stand for Empire Of Old Luna, an epic fantasy series about a civilation of shapeshifters whose origins decsend as far back as the Late Zhou Dynasty. It was here in the main kingdom where Li Chang, a humble farmer of the field, was chosen by Gaia, Mother of all Creation, to lead humans back to their original state. Guided to a spring by the Bird Keeper, one of Gaia's twelve messengers, he drank of it to find his body changing...feeling more powerful...like a wolf's. When he...
Cross Fox tf by Wrathofautumn
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Bleh. This sketching's not so great. I was going to draw it as something completely different, and then when I drew it out as this, I decided it wasn't as great as I imaged it. Either way, there aren't many cross fox tfs out there, so allow me to be one of the few to do one! :D
Jonas Solar Mode by Wrathofautumn
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I think this counts as a sort of transformation, if somewhat minor. Jonas is a telekinetic with a unique ability to gain new powers in a style somewhat like Samus. While some of these abilities augment his telekinetic powers, he can also add strains of genetic coding that'll allow him to mutate into different forms. This form is solar vision, which is basically solar powered x-ray vision. His albino form allows the absorption of the amount of solar radiation needed to use it while a telekinetic ...
werechu tfbw by Wrathofautumn
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A request made to me some time ago. Needs to be colored still, but I'll get on it. Werechu's character is undergoing a forgotten ritual of nature that continues to happen. Drawn to a strange light at Stone Henge, under a blood moon, he revels in the power surging through him as he becomes the dragon he always dreamed of being!
Jonasexperiments by Wrathofautumn
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Um...okay...this picture's kind of old. But I never really showed this to anyone before because of certain plot element reasons. But, I think that it's about time I did. :P *ahem* This is Jonas O'Rion, a former UESF Ace Pilot , but he was thrown into the Neo American Special Ops for a special mission. He was ordered to infiltrate the same facility in Neo Greece and continue off where Sierra had stopped. Unfortunately, he was also caught, and is now under the influence of anesthetics as the scien...
starfoxtf by Wrathofautumn
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1st picture in my gallery! Whee! :D Hehe...this picture was based off that lovely starfox commercial of 93. As I, the hero, get through this level, I slowly morph into an anthro fox, though barely aware of my changing. hehe. Won't I be in for a surprise?