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welcome to phalanx by Wrathofautumn
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ft art for Arania is finished! A crossover of sorts, you could say. She was a former soldier protecting the Prometheus Colony on Mars when she was discharged because her political sponsor was blown up in a terrorist attack from a neighboring colony. Suddenly out of money, she hitchhiked a ride on a freighter bound to Europa, the shining jewel of the Eden System. Unfortunately, she was caught and put before a court after three days of confinement. After deciding she wasn't worth their time, they ...
Spirit Journey by Wrathofautumn
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Completion: 17/17! w00t! Two companions go out into the woods to complete an ancient ritual, only to get more than what they bargained for.
Ryshunas present by Wrathofautumn
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A commission I did for someone(Course, he needs to find a way to pay it back. Too bad he doesn't live here. I'd have him clean my apartment and then re enact episodes of the Simpsons. Mmm...donuts...)
Cub Scouts by Wrathofautumn
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Hehe, pardon the pun. XP But seriously, I got an idea for this a while back. Three kids get their animal based badges in a place known as the "Forest of no return." When they get there, the pack mother reveals herself as a magical being called Akeela, and then begins to teach them why they say members of the 666th troop disappear. What will the parents have to say? Of course, my real favorite part is seeing the youngest of the troop becoming a bobcat with a strange fascination...almost a sign of...
Starglass by Wrathofautumn
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This is a further pitch for my game. Star Glass is now very close to completion, very, very close...all that's required is some beta testing for bugs. If there are any volunteers willing to test it, speak with me on aim or msn. Hehe. These are just samples of what your character can be. :3
Liam Lycos by Wrathofautumn
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Liam Lycos, a werewolf character, completes his transformation into his werewolf form and rests on a slab of sandstone, contemplating his new situation.
Getting into Character by Wrathofautumn
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Hehe, back in Oklacon, they had their own version of tag simulating nature called "Predator and Prey".. Not only was it tons of fun, but for the first time in a long time, I had really felt like an animal...and I strangely liked it. So in this picture, it accomplishes a sort of fantasy. Enjoy! Oh, I had to edit the picture because of an ugly crease in the corner. Much better now.
Moon of Blood by Wrathofautumn
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The dragon tf I posted earlier has now been colored! And now...behold as beneath a bloodstained moon and starlit night, within the ring of Stonehenge, how an occultist ritual long shall give birth to a god.
Star Glass by Wrathofautumn
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This is a pitch for my next game, Star Glass. It's an adventure/puzzle game where you, The Traveller, obtain a mirror that takes you into a shattered world of anthroes. And not only that, but it changes you as well into one of the natives. As soon as you get there, you're trapped inside, and have to find an alternate way back home. It's a game where the story writes itself depending upon the configuration of your character. The puzzles shall require a basic knowledge of geometry and whatnot, so ...
Runespelltf by Wrathofautumn
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After several months of being a sorceror's apprentice, he finds himself being tested with one of his master's newest rune spells. The moment it was carved into his neck, he began to feel funny, and his master then attacked him. Now he seeks refuge in the woods as he grows smaller, his only form of clothing now a ragged robe of the man he was once was. The other forest animals look curiosly at the new comer, the vixen approaching with an interest in her eyes. He may not be able to change back, bu...