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I Got Halloween Spirit by Wrathofautumn
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I'll admit I was a bit glum for a little while. This past week made me forget all my efforts for getting into the halloween spirit. These two things have rejuvenated me! Thank you very, very much, Morningside! I can't wait till Halloween. I really wish I were a real-life werewolf though. :) AWOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Quantum Physics TF by Wrathofautumn
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4/?????? finished(May go up to 10 at least.) Oh, whoops. So sorry. It appears in trying to edit the file's original size, I've deleted the whole thing. Anyway, here's it all again. Starman and Square explain a basic principle of Quantum Physics in TF. It starts off rather dull with stick figures but gets crazy later on.
nightfirer into tiger by Wrathofautumn
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Ever heard of those cats that have the fur patterns of big cats? Well their bites are cream-filled...with TF! Commission for Nightfirer
Nightfirer Wolf Tf by Wrathofautumn
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Commission for Nightfirer. He didn't specify how the TF occurs, so I reintroduced the Spirit of the Four Seasons, one of my recurring characters! :) Here he is dissipating into a swarm of leaves again as he leaves Nightfirer to change into his new form.
Fogg the Magic Dragon by Wrathofautumn
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Unable to continue the show after the third season, Olmec "rewards" game show host Kirk Fogg for his services by changing him into a black dragon! Now he shall have to deal with the menagerie that's been created by him. Of course with that nasty shadow breath, I'd watch out. Fogg the magic dragon lived by the sea....*Gets tomatoes thrown at him* Okay okay, that wasn't very funny. Truthfully, though, I didn't really want to add any humor in this picture just because too much stuff is going on he...
Shrine of The White Tiger by Wrathofautumn
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A team member of the White Tigers manages to put the silver monkey shrine, but gets a serious penalty for gloating about it...or else the former green monkey on the shelf is his uncle.
THe amazing frogger man by Wrathofautumn
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First frog tf! Oooooooooh *takes a guitar out and starts singing* Frogger Man, Frogger man, does whatever a froggerman does. Can he sling from a wall? No, he cen't, he's a frog. Look ouuuuuuut, it's the frogger man! C'mon kiddies! Yeeehaw!
All for a Klondike Bar by Wrathofautumn
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The series continues with Kuma playing as a member of the brown bears team! He gets trapped in the dark forest and is not getting changed into one of the critters that roam the woods. Would you do sometihng like this for a klondike bar on a game show?
Eye of the Tiger by Wrathofautumn
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The special series for fans continue! This time, the team is Golden Tigers, one of the rejected teams used during the pilot tryouts. These two team members failed to make it through the temple run and now start to pay the rpice themselves inside a chamber of isolation. Beside them are the former members of the orange iguanas. Hehe, Tigert, tiger burning bright...
Stay On The Path by Wrathofautumn
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There's an old saying when you cross through Will-O-Wisp Woods to always stray on the path of Man. There comes a point where a fork splits along the way, not well known and not well seen but not well hidden. On one path the path is laden with pine leaves and the other is covered with wodden figures looking like bowling pins. Did this man take the path of needles or the path of pins? Either way, he strayed off the path, finding himself paying the consequences. While he changes and shrinks, the f...