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Cow Bell by Weazel75
18780 views, 67 favorites, 6 comments
Never enough cowbell.
Sticky Fingers by Weazel75
15562 views, 40 favorites, 4 comments
Hi guys! I guess this will be my first image here on TransFur. I've got a long ways to go in terms of ability, but I'm glad to be able to post things here and expand my audience even further.
Gambit Pileup by Weazel75
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I'm taking commissions! Just recently updated the rules from a per hour basis (Which I made this sequence under) to a per panel basis. This should allow for a more concrete view of how much money a commission may end up spending. See my page for a link to my commission rules if you're interested.
Walk by Weazel75
14091 views, 31 favorites, 2 comments
Been having trouble drawing recently. This thing took me about a week of working off and on to finish.
Multilimbed by Weazel75
13764 views, 40 favorites, 6 comments
Forgot I didn't post this here...
Chubby Bunny by Weazel75
12956 views, 36 favorites, 2 comments
It's Fat Bunny Week on FurAffinity. And I decided that it'd be good practice for my more cartoon-y style.
Monkey Business by Weazel75
12819 views, 30 favorites, 7 comments
Been busy with college and mostly drawing Pokemon.
Stairs by Weazel75
12594 views, 46 favorites, 5 comments
Fun idea I had.
Four Arms by Weazel75
12119 views, 37 favorites, 2 comments
Is there anything you WON'T do for money, Ryder? (Also, no Polecat tag. D:)
Surprise, Taur! by Weazel75
12040 views, 54 favorites, 5 comments
Redrawing of an older image.