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Werewolf sequence by ToxicPhox
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I got a request from someone (you know who you are) to be TFed werewolf-style, but I wasnt sure exactly what kind of werewolf they were looking to be; Athro wolf, Nonmorphic wolf, or crazy feral best wolfman. I went for #3. Decided to take a test of the sequence mechanics on the site. I think I might stick to one-shot images >v>
Maned Wolf for Nightfirer by ToxicPhox
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A request I got from the ever-TFing Nightfirer for a Maned Wolf TF. I actually had a lot of fun doing this, and I think it was pretty successful. On a related note, I may or may not be opening up commissions here soon.
The pool is closed! by ToxicPhox
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Pool's closed? Well, that doesn't stop everyone wanting a late-night dip. Thankfully, we have other ways of dealing with that situation, and the zoo down the street really loves it! This is both a pic based off the new Artist's Challenge AND A request done for someone here asking to be TFed. I decided to double up while I had the opportunity! :). Ohoho! And for once it's not an oekaki!!
Sticky... by ToxicPhox
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*In horror, he not only realized that the claws growing from where his legs used to be were solid, but that he could feel the warmth of his fingertips from within the claw itself, as if it was another limb...* Oekaki! My favorite one out of the ones ive drawn so far actually, You can find the board here -> Squishy!
The Lonely Cockatoo by ToxicPhox
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A neglectful pet owner has forgotten to pay attention to his new Cockatoo! A bit of spiteful magic never did anyone TOO much harm, right? Draw on Monstrousdoctor Oekaki by me, witch can be found right here GO draw stuff!
Lightheaded... or bullheaded? by ToxicPhox
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"I feel dizzy..." I drew this on a neat little Oekaki run by Angerboda. Actually, most of what Ive got right now is from drawing over there! it needs activity though Y_Y Anyway, it's really simple :)