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Timathea Arrives by Tim-Kangaroo
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Violet made some adjustments to the Moreau pad and turned me into a "mouselet.". Collette seems thrilled at the prospect of having a new member join the Thea Sisters. Awesome adventures await us all! Inspired by the Thea Stilton/Mouseford Academy series of books.
Shanetized! by Tim-Kangaroo
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...for your protection! (Who knew this thing had a "Blue Bird" setting?)
Goldified 2 by Tim-Kangaroo
1209 views, 16 favorites, 5 comments
Somebody keeps trying to change me into Goldie Pheasant! Not that I mind, but I would like a little advance warning (and maybe a bra, too).
T'm'ress by Tim-Kangaroo
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#1: Wouldn't ya know it. First day at Starfleet Academy and there's a transporter accident! The Caitian ambassador is okay, but I'm in a bit of trouble. They say they can fix it, but it will take a few weeks to recover the data. Meanwhile... #2: The helpful transporter operator managed to give me a regulation uniform. It's a little breezy, but I can live with it, for now. "Mrrr-owrr..." Did I just say that? I hope they can expedite those repairs...
Bunny Run by Tim-Kangaroo
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What am I running from? I don't remember. And I don't remember being a bunny before now! So many questions!!
coco-tf-bw by Tim-Kangaroo
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30 May 2009: It looks like our unfortunate lab assistant is in trouble again, re: http://www.transfur.com/Gallery/ViewImage.ashx?Image=391 Stay tuned for color version and backstory...
deer-pov by Tim-Kangaroo
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A little experiment: A P.O.V. deer TF (rough sketches, plus a couple of headshots).
SkunkMirror by Tim-Kangaroo
14861 views, 129 favorites, 14 comments
Mirror, mirror on the wall...
Cervus Anthropos- by Tim-Kangaroo
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A *very* old story of mine (check the date; thus, it goes into 'scraps'), just to prove that TF art has been around for quite a while.
horse-tf by Tim-Kangaroo
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Speaking of cursed barns... It just so happened that I came across this old image in my archives earlier tonight. Remember -- what happens in the barn, stays in the barn!