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Ant by TfProxy
33534 views, 67 favorites, 16 comments
Newt-Fem by TfProxy
21238 views, 119 favorites, 7 comments
Whee!! Newts can be sexy too! This lovely lady is going to have to buy a new bathing suit!! Drawn from a sketch I did while downloading some stuff today....
Flamingo by TfProxy
15221 views, 32 favorites, 11 comments
A guy gets in touch with his inner flamingo. Picked it because there wans't any other Flamingo TF's on the transfur list so I figured it was about due. :)
Curse Of The Werewolf by TfProxy
14583 views, 11 favorites, 1 comment
A pic I evidently forgot to upload here when I finished it. Remember to check the lunar cycle before you go to the movies!
slug by TfProxy
14826 views, 40 favorites, 4 comments
An older pic of a guy just turned into a anthropomorphic slug.
Feathered-Raptor by TfProxy
16175 views, 104 favorites, 12 comments
Feathers? Not what he expected, but It'll do.
salamander by TfProxy
23104 views, 84 favorites, 6 comments
Playing with giant vats of biohazardous chemicals can be hazardous to your health.
bluejay nobg by TfProxy
15967 views, 102 favorites, 11 comments
Man into BlueJay... I'm particularily proud of this one. It took me forever to get the coloring till I was happy with it. If you want a background, there's one on my deviantart site.
dino-mirror by TfProxy
11569 views, 67 favorites, 5 comments
I'm - too sexy for my species.
dino-moon by TfProxy
9637 views, 32 favorites, 4 comments
Under the light of the full moon, the stranges creatures come out.