What we do for Love by Spacecat

What we do for Love by

Date: 2/28/2018 Views: 22590 Favorites: 140 Comments: 6

Ripped Clothing

A comic commission for an Anonymous person!

They ship April/Splinter from the old 1980's Ninja Turtle cartoon. I remember watching it myself and liking Splinter cause I was a weird kid that liked petting rats. I also got made fun of a LOT cause my name is actually April, lol. My mother sewed me a little yellow jumpsuit for halloween when I was tiny :3.

Anyway, Splinter and April are in love and she takes an important step for the both of them using plenty of mutagen. It's been established that Splinter can't return to being human, so why not become a rat? Rats are very nice.

Art by me, script by them!


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really nice^^


love to see a rat wedding


Astoundingly awesome!


A nice sweet fantasy. Good art.


Cute story!


I always thought in any version it would've been interesting to see April be a mutant, even if only temporary. There was that random cat-girl episode but like, in a serious more lasting manner. And if she was this april's age I could see a splinter/april ship work, if the 2012 version can manage multiple ships right?