Protect the Environment: Litter Clean-Up TF by Sonicspirit

Protect the Environment: Litter Clean-Up TF by

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Gender Change - Female to Male

I coudn't decide what to call it, so I just went with both my ideas. ^_^;; It's just "Litter Clean-Up TF" in my files.

^_^;; Sooo...I started drawing this sequence in September of 2020. Not to say that it actually took me that long to draw all seven frames (or the cut eighth frame I'd initially sketched out), just that I've picked at this off and on since then, only finishing it today after coming home from work early with a migraine (I'm probably gonna need to go lie down again soon.)

I have a bit of a history with cleaning up litter in the woods that inspired this sequence. In college I'd run around the campus woods with a trash bag doing clean-up, just cuz it felt like the right thing to do. Apparently I got a write-up in the campus newspaper for that! ^_^;; I never read it. But yeah, that was just A Thing I Did.

Like I said, it felt right, and it was a way for me to connect with the local area and just sorta exercise being my unicorn self. I've had the question of "How does your Otherkin identity motivate you?" (framed particularly well in this Theri There comic) stuck in my brain for a long time. How do you act like yourself? How do you reflect your values, particularly those that flow from your 'Kin identity, in your everyday life? It chafes when I don't have a good answer for that. It doesn't always have to be "What altruistic things have you been doing?" though that's nice, but, "How are you connecting to your real self?"

So yeah. Felt like a real fun TF trigger. ^_^ And not gonna lie, I would totally fucking love it to happen RL.


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No lo he le ido pero me interesando mañana leidad como dios manda.


If that to clean the park points to me first of all.