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wolflife by Shiro
65190 views, 461 favorites, 43 comments
You Know Wolves mate for life... Werewolves are no different...
LoveStinks by Shiro
46507 views, 291 favorites, 33 comments
Ami gets a boyfriend... love nip happens... the rest explains itself...
Neighsayer by Shiro
26042 views, 287 favorites, 11 comments
From the Transfur donation drive.
lazy assTF by Shiro
26551 views, 235 favorites, 12 comments
So you didn't want me to help with the chores because you didn't want to get those "Hot new designer boots" dirty...
easter by Shiro
40059 views, 217 favorites, 31 comments
When the Easter bunny needs a hand.... A rabbit's gotta do what a rabbit's gotta do =^.^= Happy Easter Transfur!
Holly by Shiro
30935 views, 212 favorites, 21 comments
Holly, a new Werereindeer, going through the motions. Merry Christmas to all TF and Furry fans Worldwide!
The Bell Tolls For Thee by Shiro
24843 views, 204 favorites, 11 comments
That's right... Struggle... The more that bell rings the more of you changes, and the FASTER you turn into a permanent addition to our ranch... You always did want to be a "cowgirl" after all...
Dragon Transfur by Shiro
18612 views, 161 favorites, 6 comments
I knew my Ancestors had a connection to this cave but I-AAACK!!! I n-never imagined it'd do anything like THIS to me!!
AmiTF by Shiro
37161 views, 158 favorites, 17 comments
Ami finds herself Transforming in the school hallway. the most recent pic on my now fully functional website :)
Non Anthro Bunny TF by Shiro
27559 views, 156 favorites, 11 comments
Not quite what was wished for, but still quick like a bunny.