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Bones to Foxes by Robertge
3927 views, 16 favorites, 0 comments
A very special sequence of a vixen transforming into an anthro vixen via an old invention of mine, the "Antho Bone". commission and idea came from ehh123
Checkups by Robertge
7299 views, 34 favorites, 1 comment
Always fun times when injecting males with gender swapping syrums. Especially when that male is @cameroo
Suddenly, Pool Toys by Robertge
8316 views, 25 favorites, 0 comments
A very late gift to @woxie for her birthday
Balloon Doggie by Robertge
10470 views, 50 favorites, 1 comment
for cocowolf
Halloween Magic: Beach Cutie by Robertge
14224 views, 114 favorites, 3 comments
The human male sighed as he sat at the beach alone. It seemed everyone else seemed to be more interested in someone else. Someone like the lifeguard, or someone with huge muscles, or even the people playing softball. He wished he could stand out more and make people flock to him instead. Maybe then hed have a better time at the beach. Thats when the genie appeared and smiled. "I overheard that you wanted a wish?" He then began to explain the rules. Excited, the human male, Medik, smiled wide and...
Halloween Magic: Bunny Changes by Robertge
9811 views, 89 favorites, 1 comment
Becca gasped as she looked to the genie. She could get anything she wanted, anything at all. But of course she was smart. She knew anything she said would be twisted around. So why not have a simple wish? And since it was Halloween, it was even better. She smiled as she opened her mouth. "I wish i had white hair." With white hair, she could fit into any costume and look cool in it too. The genie grinned and snapped his fingers before leaving. Becca quickly ran into the mirror only to be greeted ...
Another Goo Friend by Robertge
10157 views, 45 favorites, 2 comments
This subject is trying a new product in order to try and change his species. So far the results are going well. And no brainwashing involved! This is excellent results.
Ker-Cow by Robertge
25550 views, 199 favorites, 16 comments
Another one for the herd! Another male has signed up to try out our cow formula. <3 Now when she wakes up in the morning and in need of milk, she can get some herself! >:3
Adding to the Herd by Robertge
25892 views, 251 favorites, 16 comments
Theres nothing like signing up into a group. Especially when that group forces you to change genders and become a cow. Milk anyone? ;3
Dragon Anne TF by Robertge
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(1) Here we have our favorite canine Anne, actually clothed, and sampling a drink from a rather strange but interesting vender. She smiles as she takes the drink heartedly and gulps down the sweet drink fast. (2) After consuming the whole drink, Anne disposes of the can, but feels odd as she continues her day. Her breath can be seen even in the warm weather and her tail seems stiff. Even some parts of her fur seems to be more rough around the edges. (3) Anne now discovers why her drin...