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SJWW by Rey
2780 views, 14 favorites, 12 comments
Pretty mild-mannered normally, but...
An American Wereroo in America by Rey
3 images, 8884 views, 50 favorites, 1 comment
Commissioned sequence for Doosker_Roo over at FA. Just that dang ol' full moon again. Still available for commissions, $10 $20 $30 pencil ink color that's the basics, check my artist page for the full run-down!
Full Moon Selfie by Rey
6121 views, 17 favorites, 1 comment
"Man, I should put this shit on Grindr. I haven’t a body like this since, well, ever. Gotten kinda hairier than most of the bathroom selfie types…but some guys are into that. Some of that hair is kinda gray…well some guys are into that too, right? Anyway, I got a hot bod and a winning smile. With…pointed teeth. Fuck, who wouldn’t be into all of this? I’m hot as hell. I’m sexy, and powerful, and… No, this is crazy. I know what’s happening, what’s gonna happen soon. I can’t be doing thi...
Valloween by Rey
6809 views, 72 favorites, 3 comments
Happy Valloween, everybody.
Skunkwolf by Rey
5 images, 12596 views, 61 favorites, 7 comments
Even a skunk who's pure of heart...
Wolverine by Rey
4932 views, 40 favorites, 3 comments
One too many asshole customers.
Polary by Rey
8823 views, 40 favorites, 2 comments
Changed the stabilization settings on SAI, man what a difference it made. Anyway, for the waning winter, here's a fellow in an Arctic environment undergoing a sudden unexpected adaptation event.
manther by Rey
4 images, 22421 views, 111 favorites, 20 comments
A man brings his special talents to bear in a crisis situation.
falcon by Rey
5 images, 19900 views, 86 favorites, 13 comments
Red Bull might give you wings, but Powerthirst gives you BIRD! PS: I am now open for commissions, please see my profile
ween by Rey
11284 views, 62 favorites, 0 comments
My halloween players return, as the bunny witch recruits her "muscle" for the holiday. Happy Halloween, all who are still up on a Sunday night. Great holiday uploads!