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Wh-Wh-What!? by Okamaru
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"Wh-wh-what!? I know I have to play with the dogs at the shelter today! but I didn't think i would have to be one to play with them!" be careful who you play with, or plan to play with~ it's rough now but more later!
Rituals Rite by Okamaru
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just cause of the last thing i posted got me thinking about it. just a quick yugioh related TF this one doesn't involve a player though, it's two monsters now. the young Ritualist Ariel has been play calling on her friend Beast a bit to much, and soon there will be two Gishki Beast in the cult ;D
Werehand Skecht by Okamaru
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random sketch of a the person transforming POV of their hand, still don't know what to do with the empty space though =/
Yokai's Sweat by Okamaru
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a little side project i did while waiting to go to class. Someone's feeling more then just a little tips after drinking a special brew called yokai's sweat. kitsune/fox TF~ now i just need to get the Background in also i have been thinking about doing a series with Yokai's sweat sake brew~
Start Of Something Painful by Okamaru
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something i haven't messed in photoshop yet, but it will have be a branch TF where it will have two different end Tfs, despite the one of the two doesn't have horns. will update and add the sequences in later though. <.<;