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Chimp Change by KrazyIvan
2 images, 1038 views, 21 favorites, 4 comments
And now for another thing thats different... Chimp TF sketch And now the finished item. as usual there is a nude version :P
Personality quiz by KrazyIvan
6 images, 1718 views, 19 favorites, 2 comments
A loose and fun series of sketches on one of my friends favorite but seldom seen TF's, Blue Jay Plans to clean up and color are on the books for the future after the sketches are finished.
Aster Flower TF by KrazyIvan
411 views, 6 favorites, 1 comment
Something else new today, a plant TF! Actually super interesting to interpret. Special request from someone who asks for challenging TF's
Bad Trip by KrazyIvan
1284 views, 41 favorites, 3 comments
Its no laughing matter
Doberman TF by KrazyIvan
1625 views, 21 favorites, 0 comments
Sketch by poll, Doberman TF with some foxy thing on the side.
Morning Molly by KrazyIvan
2 images, 2528 views, 55 favorites, 3 comments
Felt like trying out a bit of a different style for a change
Ant Eater by KrazyIvan
1420 views, 20 favorites, 3 comments
Commission sketch for an unusual patron
Snayk by KrazyIvan
1374 views, 26 favorites, 5 comments
I know, yet another head shot. I've got it out of my system now. Back to actual work tomorrow :P
Noticing Reboot Sketch by KrazyIvan
2 images, 2311 views, 59 favorites, 1 comment
So some of you are familiar with my old sequence and the cancelled follow up sequence i was drawing. Well now one of my main guys is talking about funding a reboot comic based on that cancelled project The work will commence after ratted out is wrapped up in a few months, so here's a sketch i did to explore an idea, there will be more in the next few months that. For more shiz and stuff come help me at:
Sketching Skirmishes by KrazyIvan
1474 views, 61 favorites, 2 comments
Fancy that? Transforming into a cat! For more of this stuff as well more adult things come join my circle