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2 Clucky Guys by Kitsunefan
20754 views, 141 favorites, 5 comments
A Collab with Gaia1234
TF Battle by Kitsunefan
20276 views, 55 favorites, 9 comments
Commission for Kenku on FA , him and a friend get in a TF battle with some innocent bystanders in the way.
Prize Winner by Kitsunefan
6 images, 19373 views, 68 favorites, 5 comments
What could go wrong when taking photos at an abandoned carnival? Oh, that!
Muzzed by Kitsunefan
19035 views, 145 favorites, 11 comments
Comic for chase on Furaffinity The raccoon is a character called pickpocket who can swipe your humanity when youre not looking!
Novelty TF products by Kitsunefan
3 images, 17594 views, 106 favorites, 26 comments I am selling some novelty TF products here! Comment if youre interested, if you dont have an FA account you can message me here for one.
Fine Print by Kitsunefan
16373 views, 70 favorites, 6 comments
Always check it
Kitsune Kooking by Kitsunefan
15277 views, 49 favorites, 5 comments
Cooking shows for Magical Creatures, you may not want to attend if youre invited, even if they offer to make you dinner
3 Is A Crowd by Kitsunefan
15070 views, 73 favorites, 10 comments
Ok , so , like, MAYBE me and my boyfriend went costume shopping MAYBE we got one from the discount occult store MAYBE it was a two for one deal with an evil book MAYBE we read some stuff in it MAYBE if someone doesn't take this off us by midnight we will spend eternity eating nothing but milk bones and the souls of the damned But, surely one of you will help......right?
Aw chute by Kitsunefan
13475 views, 54 favorites, 1 comment
Don't litter Or else the trash tentacles will get you
Thrash Commision by Kitsunefan
13316 views, 63 favorites, 4 comments
Working at a rubber toy factory , Thrash had to know this would happen at some point. Commission for him.