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New Coat by Kitsunefan
9170 views, 73 favorites, 4 comments
female Tf for once , sheeps
Nightfirerbunny by Kitsunefan
5540 views, 23 favorites, 2 comments
For NightFirer of FA intro a purple bunny for easter
Real HD by Kitsunefan
12577 views, 59 favorites, 7 comments
Watching cartoons with a $50,000 HDTV can get you a bit more into it than you wanted.
Theres an App for that by Kitsunefan
8141 views, 47 favorites, 10 comments
An older piece, but I like the trigger alot so decided to upload it
Thrash Commision by Kitsunefan
13316 views, 63 favorites, 4 comments
Working at a rubber toy factory , Thrash had to know this would happen at some point. Commission for him.
Shark trunks by Kitsunefan
6876 views, 55 favorites, 3 comments
Having trouble swimming? Just get magic swim trunks that make you a shark, obviously. for Clothoverlord
Hoppy Birthday by Kitsunefan
7545 views, 46 favorites, 1 comment
Getting sent cursed boomerangs? Best Birthday present ever. Also Pouch.
Hyena Monster by Kitsunefan
7558 views, 41 favorites, 1 comment
Oh Science you so crazy
Lostcat Donkey by Kitsunefan
8536 views, 43 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Lostcat, him and a friend drinking some and whattaya know they are donkies
Sabrefox comission by Kitsunefan
5416 views, 29 favorites, 0 comments
First pic here on Transfur! Good to be here Commission for someone on FA , Stinkbombs can have some nasty side effects ( if your not into being a skunk)