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More Cursed Cheese by Kitsunefan
7247 views, 27 favorites, 2 comments
You think they would stop making this stuff by now , I dont imagine you get repeat customers
Tortise and the Hare by Kitsunefan
8998 views, 37 favorites, 1 comment
If you have a magic wand, maybe dont let the rabbit who's ears you contantly tug get a hold of it
Over the Hump by Kitsunefan
10282 views, 54 favorites, 6 comments
When you wish for water it helps to be specific That goes for most genie wishes
Sticking Your Nose Where It Doesnt Belong by Kitsunefan
12937 views, 31 favorites, 7 comments
Can make it bigger
2 Clucky Guys by Kitsunefan
20756 views, 141 favorites, 5 comments
A Collab with Gaia1234
Aw chute by Kitsunefan
13478 views, 54 favorites, 1 comment
Don't litter Or else the trash tentacles will get you
Extra Coat by Kitsunefan
6189 views, 38 favorites, 3 comments
Bacon Color
Now in Color by Kitsunefan
2 images, 11755 views, 43 favorites, 3 comments
For Seneca on Furaffinity Rio is helping him become more of a bird
Don't be sheepish by Kitsunefan
10000 views, 49 favorites, 0 comments
for Angst Skunk on Furaffinity
Exotic Food by Kitsunefan
7723 views, 40 favorites, 4 comments
Always good to have new experiences