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caberet by KelvinTheLion
20268 views, 62 favorites, 6 comments
You know this is a great place. They have real caberet bunnies!
tanuki by KelvinTheLion
3 images, 58036 views, 167 favorites, 17 comments
Remember these boys from the kitsune comic? If you didn't see it you should go back and look. Page:1 tail sprouts, wool appears on legs, face morphs...
fatcow by KelvinTheLion
72051 views, 155 favorites, 13 comments
Even I'm not sure what's really going on in this comic and I drew it! Just enjoy and draw your own conclusion. Watch as this thin girl becomes a fat cow.
leona by KelvinTheLion
4 images, 112890 views, 526 favorites, 26 comments
A girl named Leona Transit (cheesy name, I know.) gets ready for her transformation. Wish her luck. The sprouting of the tail is my favorite part of transformation. I wonder how it feels for her.
xilix by KelvinTheLion
8139 views, 13 favorites, 3 comments
I got some design ideas from carvings done by the Chavin people of South America.
kitsune by KelvinTheLion
3 images, 62792 views, 331 favorites, 23 comments
Page1 of a new comic. 2 teenage kids get into trouble with a kitsune. A kitsune is a fox with many tails from Japanease folklore. They are tricksters with magical powers.
porkupine by KelvinTheLion
7983 views, 27 favorites, 2 comments
Just a guy who got turned into a little porkupine.
donkey by KelvinTheLion
8539 views, 33 favorites, 3 comments
A newley transformed donkey. I love Pleasure Island.
nightmare by KelvinTheLion
19926 views, 48 favorites, 5 comments
Moonlight returns the Nightmare to his true form. A nightmare is an evil horse with a mane and tail made of flames.
bearoo by KelvinTheLion
4 images, 30691 views, 91 favorites, 13 comments
Be a Roo