Robot Knights ACTIVATE!!! by Comic

Robot Knights ACTIVATE!!! by

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Sooo, uh. This is awkward. Looking back at my gallery I never uploaded two pieces of what was a three part series. Ehehe, uhhhh~

:I ...Hey ya go. They're kinda old by now, but better late than never.


Anime!!! If its not girls in uniform or mechs its BOTH.

I like the transformation sequences that happen outside of reality, but when they recycle the same damn thing over and over again, AHHH. It just breaks the story's rhythm, if they could just show it in the setting of the story it would make for such a better experience, even if its just a flash. Poof, on with the story.

Unfortunately I know some animators and the amount of work they do, so alas, at least manga doesn't cop out...on anything really, damn.


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I would be like " What the.....?" lol


This is EXACTLY the sort of thing this place needs!!! MORE ROBOTS!!!!! (On a side note, I love it).


Ooh. Awesome.


That's so cool! I love the distortion of her right hand. That kind of blending of a human trait into an altogether different and much larger appendage really fascinates me.

Yeah, that sounds dirty, but better words escape me.


Sailor schoolgirls, mechs, and the tradtional, ever-present pantyshot. I'd call it a win! >;Y


complete sequence please it would be awesome