Elaine's Articuno TF by Cenrji

Elaine's Articuno TF by

Date: 11/18/2018 Views: 5790 Favorites: 28 Comments: 2


Finally since August 29th, I posted a new TF. I did this out of my enjoyment for playing Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee. I drew Articuno and Elaine in a TF situation before, but never either of them together. Result-wise, I really felt like I could've put more to it, but whatever... I'm shoving this online so you all can enjoy! I mostly was just practicing posing anyways, not so much on digital art techniques which I desperately need to learn. Whatever, I'm probably going to be working on a new style for a potential new series, so just warming up for that. Cya!

Oh yeah, I don't know what happened to that Eevee or Pikachu partner of hers. Bad things, I guess?


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Don't put yourself down. This looks amazing


I take it you're enoying the game then. This is pretty interesting to see after so long.