Soulseer Mizutsune TF by Cenrji

Soulseer Mizutsune TF by

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"Ow..!! Little bastard..!!"

Excited for the now released localization of the Nintendo Switch port for Monster Hunter XX, going under the name of Generations Ultimate, our friend had seemed to have found a new hidden feature to the game and to the Switch console. This feature would let you interact with the monster as babies, but it seems like it had an extra effect to the players...


Before anyone says anything... No, I'm not returning to TF art. I just wanted to post these final two TFs, I had promised to post. I really am keeping my word that I do mean to post the finals.

Unfortunately due to the circumstances, these TFs weren't done and posted at the time I wanted to do them. Xeno'jiiva was intended to be posted on MHWorld's PC release, as well as Soulseer Mizustune to be posted on MHXX's US release. These TFs were partially rushed, because I really am getting somewhat fed up with drawing TFs. These involve Japanese dialog, because was considering to post these onto Pixiv only, but considered against doing so.

I suppose my earlier behavior was somewhat too irrational and I do apologize to that, going as far deactivating my account on DA and disabling my FA, as well blocking everyone TF related on Discord. Anyways, you can see I reactivated the account, but I still mean to leave from DA, FA, and other TF communities. In fact, I'll be locking myself out of the accounts. So do not ask me for anything ever again, I won't be able to respond--not even to the comments here. So with that being said, the account will left as activated, so you can view my TF work anytime.

I'm also planning to undo the blocks onto Discord, but if ask me to join a server or for a Roleplay, I will block you and remove you from my contacts. I'm trying to remove all means of distractions, and as much I enjoy TF RPs, I can't afford to do it anymore.

So why exactly I'm making my definite leave for the TF community? It's not so much regarding my enjoyment for making TF art nor a problem with the community itself, despite the fact sometimes people do get really overboard with TF as a fetish (and I'm not going to deny I'm pretty much making porn) and the favoritism can really be infuriating (like I swear some artists, particularly those in the LCF, take the appreciation spotlight a little too much). Well despite that, none of these are the reasons why.

The real reason, it's not even related to the TF community or anyone within it. You see, while most of you do know me as a TF artist, but that's only just a hobby. What I do for more of a profession, however. It would be game development, and it's something I been doing for at least 12 years--making small games. Anyways, I had a hit a brick wall with my current project's progress, having lost a lot of time's worth of work due to certain current conditions. In order to regain that lost effort, I had decided to discontinue my hobby as a TF artist, as well as doing any sort of TF Roleplays. I had been doing both things with my free time, but I'm focusing it entirely on game development now.

Anyways, if you do still wish to talk to me, I'm online on Discord for any sort of discussion or talk of this ongoing game project of mine (which I'm still fairly iffy to share info about to just anyone). Just don't bother me for TFs, RPs, and/or random "lulz". I'm not going to provide my Discord ID (and well if you wanted it now, you had missed your chance), but you can always leave yours on the comments or whatever. Anyways, I'll be going for real. Farewell.


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It is a pity good talent to leave this thematic side, I hope someday return.


Goodbye ♡