Ultra Prankster (Shiny Naganadel TF) by Cenrji

Ultra Prankster (Shiny Naganadel TF) by

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As promised, this is the art trade with BoooooyahX from DA, who basically wanted Dulse to transform into Naganadel at the Megalo Tower. You can see her impressive end here, I just love it: http://fav.me/dcegsx4

Rather than explaining much of the TF, I'm going to explain more details of the art trade instead. Out of all TFs I had done, this took the longest by... to agreeing her art trade proposal on June 7th, and actually getting started on June 13th, which was three days basically. When she did proposed it, I wanted to give myself a few days to think it thoroughly on what I wanted on her end and once I did, I was collecting my old Skarmory TFs for suggesting ideas on how the TF should go, given my experience with it. Ironically enough, Naganadel is a Pokemon she did multiple TFs on as well... and we both have done both Pokemon at least once, which puts more reasoning behind the Pokemon choices. The reason behind the shiny coloration, was a way to say... this time it's a little different!

So throughout the trade, we giving each other pointers and learning the ways of how we worked on TFs, occasionally pointing out errors and Skarmory facts to her. Likewise, I had a similar thing going with Naganadel, which in the end... led into good results. I suppose the only real rough part of the trade was mostly just communication, BoooooyahX works at a really fast pace and when I made pointers on her TFs, she already was a step ahead, like woah my goodness she's really eager! @_@

Last thing I probably should point out, there was a lot of ideas such as having someone (being me?) soft reset for them to be shiny and even was intending to shade the characters (not really in my style), but I chose not to do it for the sake of not making it too much work. But I suppose the TF itself looks fine now, and I guess that's how I like it, better to not tinker with something that looks good already?


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Wow looks like this went through a lot of planning and revisions