Pokemon: Let's Go, (Become) Vaporeon! by Cenrji

Pokemon: Let's Go, (Become) Vaporeon! by

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Commissioned by Flare-Gamer-64 from DA, he asked for a TF of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee's female protagonist into one of the three original Eevee eeveelutions. Which this game in truth really is a Red/Blue/Yellow remake with a mix of Pokemon GO, and this character is actually Green/Leaf(?). But ah well, it's Pokemon TF tradition to transform the girls. There was an earlier version of this, but I hated the background.

So sudden Vaporeon transformation...! What a surprise, but you are like best friends with Eevee, so there's really not much of a problem is there? Well, I guess until you to start to remember that you had an old life, but then again it's not really like these trainers really care about being with their parents once they go they go off on a journey.

Anyways for my thoughts on this upcoming game, I'm pretty excited for it... for well many reasons. And no, before anyone jumps to assumptions, it's not because of just nostalgic preference (although my first Pokemon games were Stadium 1 and Yellow version--which seems like a good cross of the two, actually). As for the negativity, I really don't see why it's necessary to hate a game because it's got... what? Less Pokemon and it's not the remake you'd want? I mean I already think it's dumb to judge a new/old generation as bad because there's a few 'bad apples', but for the negativity here, it's really not much better--in fact more of worse. Anyways aside from that, like GO when it was new, I actually feel for this game I can enjoy Pokemon with people who never really much of a fan, seeing it's going to be using use mechanics simpler than what's usually in the mainstream games... So yeah, feel there's more potential than your average mainstream title (which I don't mind much really).


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I think she actually looks better this way, and she doesn't seem to mind.


Hmm I wonder why.


I do love the inclusion of the games theme here. With Eevee by her side the whole time. Very charming