Kulve Taroth TF by Cenrji

Kulve Taroth TF by

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Kulve Taroth

Great, thanks to a very certain someone. I'm kind of feeling the MH mania now, sure hope MH: World releases to PC ASAP. Ah well, enjoy beautiful golden goddess who has a wacky fight.

But I guess I have a thing for Capcom anyways, given how much I enjoy the Mega Man and Street Fighter games. I suppose I'll play with Generations (and Stories) for the time being, until the PC port of World is released. Hopefully smoother framerate and modding capabilities? Fuck yeah.

The TFee here was traveling and bumped into Gajalakas, who was performing a dance ritual of sort, overhearing transformed him into their new queen.

Ah well, could've been worse. At least it's not a very certain echidna tribe, and I even heard Kulve Taroth can't be killed by hunters! (At least in World)


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Ugandan Minions thing: QUEEN! QUEEN! QUEEN! *clicking noises* (xD sorry it was like in the video and so i did that x3 and anyways good job o3o)