Zinogre TF by Cenrji

Zinogre TF by

Date: 4/24/2018 Views: 10162 Favorites: 23 Comments: 2


"Come on man, it's not all that bad being a monster now...!"

Commissioned by sun4000 from deviantART. Was expected to do this TF like nearly two months ago, but now it's done. Ah well, at least it turned out to be really, really good. This was why I did the style test earlier, as this won't be the last time you'd see MH related stuff from me.

Anyways, our TFee finds a vending machine that vends sodas, or at least what I think it is? Popping it out, sprays that infamous TF goo out of the can! What a prank!

Least, our Mizu friend was here for him! Thanks Mitsuzune! What a bubble buddy! He needed that pat in the back! Just don't get yourself shocked!

The commissioner also stated the vending machine also contains drinks of other MH species, those being: Rathalos, Tigrex, Kushala Daora, Lagiacrus, Zinogre, Brachydios, Gore Magala, Astalos, Mitsuzune, Gammoth, Glavenus, and Nergigante. No, I'm not going to explain who all of these are, so just enjoy the TF.


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Oh yes, I agree. Monsters can be really cool and it would be pretty awesome to be one.


Haha yes, a Monster Hunter TF, I rarely ever see these