Arrowstruck (Cat Fursona TF) by Cenrji

Arrowstruck (Cat Fursona TF) by

Date: 1/16/2018 Views: 5698 Favorites: 12 Comments: 5


Commissioned by Meownimator from DA. Did a bit of experimenting with this TF here, but other than that... It's probably had been a while since I did a comic sequence.

From nowhere, an arrow hits this unsuspecting human girl, changing her into a cute cat. And don't worry, she's fine. She's still got like nine lives left...


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wondering how shes gonna remove the arrow without damaging the brain o-o


She doesn't. The arrow is pretty much in that deeply, and well, it doesn't hurt anymore now that it's in, I think she is suffering from some brain damage.

In fact, pulling it out might be even more painful, and very likely to kill her.


well, she has 9 lives, no?_? i think it is possible to do it^^" unless is needed some Egypt magic :D


Yeah, I guess that's true. But I wouldn't try it, if I were you.

I think she likes the arrow on her, though.


don't worry :) ill do the possible to remove the arrow :) i will do mortal jumps to do it and if i fail, SCP-049 will try to cure it. hehe (but i'm the best too o3o and i have tons of SCP-500 o3o the best universal medicine ever XD) also when stuff is done, i will give her a lollipop if she acts good :) (in negative case, ill send her in the penal zone XD)

SCP-049: Don't be afraid i am the cu....good doctor^^