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Mini Collie TF by Blacksheeptfs
3764 views, 74 favorites, 1 comment
Could she be any cuter?!
Reference Pose Study by Blacksheeptfs
7962 views, 67 favorites, 0 comments
Did a few different animals with this pose while I was on vacation. Love Love LOVE this pose! So PLEASE draw a TF with it if you can, and tag me! :D Found the reference pose (lower right) on an Artist Reference Facebook Group ( All their poses are drawn from AdorkaStock so credit to them for the reference position.
Shark Week-Commission by Blacksheeptfs
4849 views, 63 favorites, 4 comments
Huge thanks to my friends on Discord for commissioning their OCs as Sharks!
WereWolf by Blacksheeptfs
3235 views, 62 favorites, 0 comments
Playful Pups TF by Blacksheeptfs
3182 views, 56 favorites, 2 comments
Having too much fun to notice
Field Research Lioness by Blacksheeptfs
2492 views, 54 favorites, 0 comments
Becoming part of her own research
Team Spirit!! by Blacksheeptfs
3885 views, 53 favorites, 0 comments
Go Timberwolves! Go Tigers! Go Broncos!
Please No! by Blacksheeptfs
2739 views, 50 favorites, 0 comments
Wrong place at the wrong time
Day at the Dog Park by Blacksheeptfs
3462 views, 49 favorites, 0 comments
Couple of new doggies
Carmen at the DogShow by Blacksheeptfs
4126 views, 47 favorites, 0 comments
I’d give her a 10/10 for form Thank you to Jeanette for another fun commission