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Date: 4/26/2007 Views: 41626 Favorites: 106 Comments: 8


Lauren was origonally drawn by another artist who had to step down from IoDM. I had a lot of fun with her last two stages into a yellow mongoose >:3 In the game, Lauren had requested Moreau give her the modification of horns because she thought they looked neat. Talk about body mod XD


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I like that final form. Just a little human to her, mostly animalish.


i have to say that i really like this one the most out of your others... no offense


So cute she is! *hugs her*


She looks so cute in that second pic! I want one! *pushes Fixmana aside and hugs even harder* :P


Awesome. If there's anything I have to complain about (besides some of your subject matter, though that's a personal preference), it's the glaring inconsistency. How they seem to be wearing different clothes from pic to pic. Unless the TF is over several days.


Fiddler- there's about three months of time between changes here, so if she was wearing the same clothes durring that period, I think she'd be one stinky mongoose! D:


i want to be tfed like that thier are about 50 tf i could agree on


This could be my favorite transformation on transfur