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pyrothrd by Baneful
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A little sketch I did of Pyroth before he became almost entirely coyote. Was thinking of the old IoDM rps and how much I miss it.
Deegsworgenba by Baneful
7450 views, 23 favorites, 5 comments
My character, Diego in his were form soon after shifting. His proportions and appearance are based on the world of warcraft's style of werewolf, the worgen.
lawrbigish by Baneful
17960 views, 120 favorites, 7 comments
This is Lawrence Woolfe not long after his first tranformation, the instincts from the virus only just kicking in. Lawr is a product of the Moonwrath virus, expect to see more of him in future.
farlest by Baneful
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At this stage, Far is beginning to take on the appearance of the black fox he is becoming and is dressed in the island's grecian robes.
Jamalroar by Baneful
11644 views, 50 favorites, 5 comments
Just a quick image of JadeEye's character on IoDM, Jamal.
finishingtouches by Baneful
23737 views, 144 favorites, 22 comments
A concept piece of Pyroth's reaction to turning into a full coyote rather than a more anthropomorphic build like many of his fellow islanders.
Banewerewolf by Baneful
13410 views, 27 favorites, 9 comments
Self-transformation. My impression of a mid-wolf tranformation. I'd never drawn plantigrade feet before now either.