Tristan by Antherios

Tristan by

Date: 3/17/2007 Views: 45819 Favorites: 54 Comments: 10

The third stage in Tristan's transformation, into a panda/jaguar combination, for IoDM.


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Yeehah, my first comment on transfur! Great sequence, I can't wait for the others (sorry for my bad english, I'm french!!)


The IoDM art sequences are for an online RP setting. The art might be done well in advance but remains a surprise for the players until their character changes. So, since a lot of the artsits working with the RP have gotten transfur accounts, and a lot of the players watch transfur, the artists don't post them here until they've changed in-character.


I haven't dug a lot of these, but this one's off to a cool start. Dig his new face.


A porn star into a Panda? Irony...


I was just thinking the same thing. It would suck to become a species incapable of getting its rocks off.


Heh, I personally love panda TFs. Can't wait to see how this turns out.


looks promising. can't wait to see the end


Very nice art. I'm curious about the second picture, though - what's up with his finger? It looks broken...


He proceed fast, i like quadruped morphing. One comment - panda is fat but he remains skinny, and his muzzle too long, like opossum from you next picture. Imho, pandas and cats has relatively short muzzles.


Istanbul: Pandas have a 'false thumb,' usually covered by a pad but early on in the transformation it would show up as an odd protrusion until he changes further along. :) Dimad: Later on he'll gain some heft >D His muzzle will stay about the same length though.