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keys small by Angrboda
29919 views, 210 favorites, 20 comments
commission for lunarkeys from AC 2010; he gets tfed by the siren song of the ocean.
atomic cover art by Angrboda
29899 views, 326 favorites, 7 comments
The art for the cover to a TF artbook I just released - thought you guys might enjoy the illustration. You can check out the book and a ton of other stuff I've worked on at
breakfast small by Angrboda
28790 views, 197 favorites, 17 comments
Usually my cowgirls end up in epic failure, but this one is decent, finally. Anyway, she's brought to you by the most important meal of the day :P
personalhygiene by Angrboda
28090 views, 316 favorites, 23 comments
Digtal redo of an old sketch. You know you picked the wrong door when the lady becomes the tiger!
newval by Angrboda
27682 views, 263 favorites, 9 comments
watercolor I took with me to AC; a new take on Valerie's transformation (since the original sequence is so old)
steffo small by Angrboda
25899 views, 304 favorites, 10 comments
Another limited color pic. I did a series of commissions of this type on Furaffinity, and this is one of them. The idea was that the girl goes through a partial TF by limb replacement...? I've never drawn a TF like that and rarely draw full animal TFs, so it was a little challenging.
sandkitty by Angrboda
25274 views, 113 favorites, 2 comments
Sandcat TF in the same vein as the cowgirl and gryphon guy. Trying to keep my boys and girls even to keep everybody happy :3
yugo small by Angrboda
25267 views, 180 favorites, 6 comments
Commission for yugoloth. One of his characters (a teifling) finds herself turning into his foxgirl char. via a magical object. Magic, yay!
Aries Bell by Angrboda
21669 views, 207 favorites, 4 comments
a trade with Cobalt K
colorskunk by Angrboda
20816 views, 238 favorites, 17 comments
"That shouldn't be there..." Working on polishing my inks.