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Summoning The Serpent God by Ametf
4 images, 40790 views, 131 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for Scaly_Hydra on FA. Warning - There is soft vore in the later stages, but I'll upload the pages here for the sake of completion. Ophis, Scaly's serpent god, transforms a willing worshipper into a fellow snake. They then devour the temple worshippers, who are gladly eaten by their revered God.
Sting Operation - Commission by Ametf
19037 views, 116 favorites, 4 comments
Commission for Silao on FA. A hive of wasps kidnaps and transforms people into helpful worker drone wasps.
A Witch Horses Around by Ametf
15557 views, 113 favorites, 12 comments
Commission comic for Mgeni on FA. Pesky witches ( Anyone else getting some errors on the site? I sometimes get " Not found" notifications from Chrome)
Parking up for the Night 1 by Ametf
5 images, 26235 views, 98 favorites, 17 comments
Fox to car tf comic for @Lancefoxx.
Dealing with Snake Juice - COMM by Ametf
16157 views, 94 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for Silao.
Dragon TF by Ametf
9565 views, 93 favorites, 2 comments
Just a generic guy to dragon/wyvern
Panto Problems by Ametf
18556 views, 88 favorites, 12 comments
Commission for Silao on Furaffinity. Horsin' around with a costume
Arachnid Temple by Ametf
3 images, 25213 views, 84 favorites, 4 comments
Commission for Lazuka on FA. While temple-raiding his character, Ren, finds some real pretty looking gems in this weird-looking pillar. I tagged fused legs even though it's sorta... the opposite? But I guess you call 'play it' backwards and see a drider TF into a human xD
Weasel War Dance - TF Comic Special by Ametf
12328 views, 82 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for Rimme on Furaffinity. Don't sniff funny holes - you never know what's going to happen!
Not A Puff by Ametf
5842 views, 81 favorites, 1 comment
Toony dragon tf, inspired by Puff the Magic Dragon :)