Circus Assistant by Zilepo

Circus Assistant by

Date: 12/18/2022 Views: 2212 Favorites: 9 Comments: 2

Forced Transformation

In my defense, the job posting was for a circus assistant.

Sure, maybe the flyer was a little suspect - it didn't say anything about payment rates or length of contract, but it did offer not only room and board but 'unique, valuable experience'. So I'd shown up at the interview thinking they'd have some sort of normal one on one chat. Instead, I was told I was going to have to 'perform' on stage for the interviewer, and they offered me some peanuts.

Again, maybe I should have thought it over. But I love peanuts! So I took a few and munched on 'em, and... well, as soon as I felt the splitting pain in my teeth and saw my nose beginning to grow, I knew what was up. I hope this isn't a permanent position...


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Didn't you posted this like 2 years ago?


Indeed I did! I'm uploading my backlog bit by bit on here, since places like Twitter are currently going kaput