Deep Sea Dive by Ametf

Deep Sea Dive by

Date: 2/24/2015 Views: 11509 Favorites: 44 Comments: 3

Fused Body
Fused Legs

Commission for Zohaku on Furaffinity.

His human character transforms into a stealthy submarine for some sea exploration. Pretty tricky tf to draw but I like the outcome.


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I fucking love this. I've always loved to dive/snorkel when I was a kid, yet I hate swimming in deep water. I just hated swimming/wading in general. It was so exhausting. The love I had for going deeper and deeper and exploring the deep was exhilerating. I never had this idea, but now it's a new fantasy. Thanks Ametf. I hope to join him in a 2 parter. Please ask him?


Many thanks for the comment - it's good getting such indepth feedback from people who like my stuff!

If you want to have a commissioned work with the both of you in, you might be best to talk to him directly:


Oh wow - this one's so cool! I share Bouda's enthusiasm - he really has such an awesome look to him, and it makes for an exciting fantasy.