Hookah, Line and Sinker - Commission by Ametf

Hookah, Line and Sinker - Commission by

Date: 7/5/2014 Views: 16546 Favorites: 34 Comments: 6

Forced Transformation
Ripped Clothing

A commission for Prowler7 on Furaffinity.

I always enjoy working on stuff for him, as he comes up with wonderful and weird ideas for tf and snuffing off his characters.

Here, Joshua the Capybara smells an enchanting vapour and goes to explore. But it turns out the warnings were true - Smoking /is/ bad for your health! But atleast Khaazbaar found himself a lovely new hookah to entertain some ladies with.

Joshua belongs to Prowler7

Khaazbaar belongs to Me

Elephant, Cockatrice and Hyena chick are just made up on the fly.


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More like capyganga now


holy shit, this is so weird and so awesome

i love the motley assortment of miscreants in that last panel, too. you managed to draw an anthro car lounging and it looks SO GREAT? how is a car expressive. look at the tire treads on his limbs. god damn it. this is the best. i love the rolls on that elephant, too.

and obviously the TF beforehand is brilliant, i love how the feet turn into the base, and the stomach rounding out and turning into glass is just, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i'm trying to come up with a more well-considered comment but this whole thing is blowing my mind lmao NICELY DONE


Hehe - glad I got a 3 paragraph comment on a peice! I love hearing feedback on what things people like in my stuff. The car is Khaazbaar, he's a character of mine and you kind find some more stuff with him in on my Furaffinity.



Not every day you see a capybara transformation, especially such a pleasingly bizarre one!


This is top 10 of the most bizarre things here...

technique is excellent, though!


I smell cigarettes! Breathes in smoke, turns into a hookah