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The right pond by Fennex
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Lucy has been searching far and wide for a genuine 'magical pond'. Now that she's found one she slowly starts to realize she might not have thought everything through properly.
Cheetah Girl TGTF- Color by Halfwing
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I... really don't have anything to say aside from the fact that it's a really rushed job. But since I'm going away for 3 weeks for my holiday I figured I might as well upload it now. @_@
Alligator Transformation by Cayuga
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bunnygirl by Childofdune
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Methinks this has happened to her before :P
HealthyLiving by Hazard
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Hiya everyone. An early stage Kangaroo pic is this month's monthly. The sneaker is a homage to the old Dawn pic.
Lux by Coyoteskin
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TanisBattle by Evion
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The curse is slow, but it can come in random and terrible growth spurts. What once only encased her feet and hands and parts of her forearms has grown to engulf much of her legs and arms, becoming apparant on her shoulders and creaping up her lower back. The worst part is the bone growth as the start of a tail nub painfully pushes itself from her lower spine, and her feet shift and elongate to make boots utterly useless. Not to mention the other subtler changes. Her only hope is that she and her...
WOLF-TF-COMIC- by SolidAsp
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This is page 1of an old commission I did for Apokryltaros.
RequestTf by Killpanda
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dana by Corvidima
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Commission for Newenglander.